Lights, camera... Action!

As well as providing our actors with casting opportunities, we also create our own projects...

TAWN-19 is an original sci-fi / comedy about a vigilante group of conspiracy theorists who are doing their best to sabotage the UK government's efforts to vaccinate the population against the TAWN-19 virus. TAWN-19 guest stars Hollywood’s Kyle Secor (Veronica Mars, The Flash, Grey's Anatomy) along with 94 talented members of The Actors Workshop Nottingham. The project enabled many of the cast to be part of a feature length production for the first time. TAWN-19 was primarily filmed during the UK lockdown by the actors themselves, observing social distancing guidelines. The scenes were remotely directed by workshop founder and director Tim Bryn Smith. The screenplay was written by Sara Bodinar after a series of online character development workshops.

Sketch Up is an, original TV series premiered exclusively on Notts TV. The show was developed by The Actors Workshop Nottingham in collaboration with Spool Films and The Nottingham Writers Studio. Sketch Up features the Actors Workshop team leaders and various talented members. We are also currently developing a new theatrical production.


Watch season one of Sketch Up on Youtube.

Wahnnetta Williamson stars in this original scene created as part of Screen School. Please be aware this scene features strong language and themes of an adult nature.


Screen School is a 5 x day crash course in film and television acting. Through practical exercises, students explore the knowledge needed to work in front of the camera. The course is designed to help attendees gain the experience and confidence required to produce natural, engaging work and start their careers. This course suits individuals with no experience as well as experienced actors looking to brush up their screen acting skills. The course culminates in the filming of bespoke showreel scenes.


Watch the Screen School playlist on Youtube.

Monojam is a yearly event platforming the best talent in the region. Many of the featured actors go on to win roles and connect with industry professionals.

Watch the Monojam playlist on Youtube.