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What they say...

Thinking of joining The Actors Workshop? Need a casting pool of hard working talented actors? Take at look at some of the things people have said about us:

Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows is the BAFTA award winning film director of This is England, The Virtues, Dead Man's Shoes and Room For Romeo Brass.

“The Actors Workshop is really exciting. I've found that the passion and hunger has always been with actors starting out. I'd love to do some workshops here, I promise I'll come down and do some auditions for my next project”

Owen Warner

Professional actor Owen is currently starring as Romeo Quinn in Hollyoaks, Channel 4


"Tim led an incredibly helpful run of sessions on ‘Acting For The Camera’, all of these skills I put into practical use when I went for my auditions for Hollyoaks. The Actors Workshop helped mature the acting skills I already had, and also taught me so many things that still help me to this day”


Lisa Ambalavanar

Professional actor Lisa's TV credits include series regular roles in BBC's Doctors and the A-List.

"The Actors Workshop gave me a safe, supportive and fun environment to grow in confidence and get used to performing in front of people at the start of my acting career. It was there for me at the start of my professional journey and I really don't think I'd have got anywhere without it! Plus I made friends for life!"

Sohm Kapila



Having completed a UK and US tour with the smash hit musical 'Bend it Like Beckham, now works professionally in LA and has appeared in a number of roles including Charmed, NCIS Los Angeles and Jane the Virgin.

"The Actors Workshop was there for me when I needed support as an actor and felt a little lost on my path. I found courage, patience, strength and belief in myself. It was great to have this workshop in my hometown when I came back for a summer during a really trying time. It was a stepping stone to getting me back into the game, and back to London and that eventually led to a big leap across to LA. I'm grateful that they were there for me and other friends in the business I know. Thank you AW! Sending love from the city of Angels."


Shelley Draper



Through her involvement in the Workshop, Shelley has successfully won a number of roles in various independent films and commercial projects

"Tim drives the group with his 'no-nonsense, let's get down to business (but let's have a load of fun at the same time)' positive attitude. His experience filters through and makes you realise just how magical the place is, producing outstanding actors and actresses. The East Midlands is buzzing with creativity and talent. The Actors Workshop is a part of that buzz and a valuable resource for actors to practice their craft, cultivate skills and grow in confidence".

Tony Bates

Business Owner | Media Personality


Tony worked alongside AW founder Tim Bryn Smith to create a Notts TV Special 'The Christmas Curmudgeon'.

"I consider myself a pretty quick learner and certainly had to be, sitting in a room with three cameras and a boom mic all pointing at me. The day was incredibly draining but very rewarding too. It’s amazing to get new challenges when you’re over 50 and I’ve not turned one down yet... I must end by extending a huge thank you to Tim Bryn Smith for some tough but constructive direction. He took on a fairly major project, is record time, and if I come across at all well it’s all thanks to him."


Adei Bundy



Adei is currently studying at Arts Educational Schools London.

"The Actors Workshop Nottingham gave me the confidence and personal development I needed to kick start my career within the world of acting. The class offers a very welcoming and friendly environment to explore different acting techniques and to network with some very talented people. The method of teaching allows you to comfortably push yourself beyond your boundaries. With interaction and class participation you are always learning whether it be from what you are doing, watching someone else performing or acting along side another person. Upon training at The Actors Workshop I have had the pleasure of working along side fellow students on some very exciting projects. The abilities, professionalism and core talent from these actors were reflected in the quality of the finished production. With the experience, support and knowledge that I gained from the actors workshop I was able to write and produce my own film production. With the comfort in the knowledge of having such talented actors within my network I found casting for the different roles a very pleasurable and easy task. I was overwhelmed by the outcome and even on such a short budget the professionalism and quality was without question. Whether you are just starting out, you are an experienced actor, or you are looking to cast a production, The Actors Workshop comes with the highest recommendation."



John Edwards

Writer | Producer | Director at SightHound Films


John is the writer/director of the award winning film 'BEN' screened on Channel 4.


"I've worked with members of The Actors Workshop on several different projects from corporate promos to narrative drama. I've always found it to be an amazing resource for finding great local talent who are focused, passionate and ambitious about the projects they want to do. Tim Smith at The Actors Workshop is always very accommodating and supportive during the casting process and his seasoned-professionalism always ensures a positive result regardless of what kind of project or genre you're casting for. I would highly recommend the Actors Workshop as a hands-on casting resource."


Tim Bassford

Writer | Director


Tim is the writer/director of 'The Black Scholes Conspiracy' currently screening in film festivals.


"Just wanted to send you an email to say how much I enjoyed my first base session last night! I honestly had no idea what to expect and now I can’t wait for the next one.
Thank you for such a great class, I'm feeling very motivated and excited for how I'll progress with your teaching!"


Amy Wicks

Actor | New Member


"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really enjoyed the workshop last night, in particular working with subtext in improvisation.


The workshops are a great tool for my professional development, particularly as I am intending to gain more on screen experience."


Emily Sly

Actor | New Member



"Working on Game of Thrones inspired scripts at @TheActorsNotts was epic! Looking forward to the next workshop already!"

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