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Ambassador Statement:

"The Actors Workshop Nottingham plays a key role in creating a climate of enthusiastic talent that is helping to transform the city of Nottingham and our media industry. We are delighted to be ambassadors of The Actors Workshop, encouraging local talent; contributing in some small way to its continuing growth. We are also delighted and honoured to bestow the Myers-Lowe scholarship. We promise to respect, encourage and empower the recipient. Strict upon ourselves, we are also joyful; we want to encourage fun as well as the pursuit of self realisation".

Stephen Lowe

Stephen Lowe's plays have been premiered amongst many others at The RSC, London’s Royal Court Theatre, Hampstead and Nottingham Playhouse where he won two awards for his play ‘Touched’. Also his sellout production of his Brian Clough comedy "Old Big ‘Ead -  'The Spirit of the Man' toured nationally. Stephen’s plays have been performed throughout the world. His work for television includes his BBC costume drama 'Scarlett and Black' starring Rachel Weiss and Ewan McGregor, as well as 100 episodes of Coronation Street. He is the founding artistic director of Meeting Ground Theatre Company. Nottingham University awarded him an honorary doctorate in recognition of his services to the arts. He was chair of Arts Council East Midlands and is now President of Unesco Nottingham City of Literature. Stephen’s greatest joy is riding the tram named after him - stephen Lowe on the Hucknall - Toton Line - 221.


Tanya Myers

Tanya Myers (aka Juanita McMahon) is artistic director of Meeting Ground Theatre Company with 35 years of experience working in TV, Film, Theatre: actress, writer/director, producer, deviser and audio artist.  She "enjoys creating new work, collaborating with other creative disciplines; challenging boundaries between arts and health, and redefining performance spaces. Celebrating peoples voices and vision (including my own) is what drives my life"

“I am always grateful to inspirational collaborations in my life including; Zofia Kalinska, Yoishi Oida, Anton Corbyn, Shane Meadows, Anna Furse, Augusto Boal, Bill Gaskill, Bill Alexander, and the wonderful Magdalena International Women’s Theatre Network.” As theatre makers we never stop discovering and honing our skills!

We are pleased to support The Actors Workshop and wish you all the continued success in your 10th Anniversary year.


AW10 Proud Partners:

Clearview Med UK Ltd

"Clearview Med believe that by providing a safe haven for it's members, The Actors Workshop Nottingham is a driving force in wellbeing, free expression and creativity." 

Clearview Med is a Nottingham based company that takes pride in ensuring that children are supported with the therapy prescribed by the treating clinician.  Our aim is to work with the families in the community to support and achieve the optimal or the best vision possible so that your child can maintain the quality of life they deserve.


"We are pleased to support The Actors Workshop and wish you all the continued success in your 10th Anniversary year."

Stobuild Limited is a construction company operating in the commercial and residential sectors. They specialise in the delivery of integrated building solutions, from design and build through to refurbishment, maintenance and window and door installations.


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