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Smash the ceiling on your screen acting skills with courses and showreel scene production at Screen School!

Screen School offer a range of intensive training schemes, specialist skills courses (like weapons handling and entry level stunt work) plus high quality, professional actor showreel production days.

Screen School is a service provided by The Actors Workshop Nottingham & Online. 


Screen School - 5 Day Crash Courses

​Our 5 day crash course explores the skills required for film and television acting. Through practical exercises and daily teaching sessions you’ll gain the screen acting knowledge needed to work in front of the camera. Script analysis, getting the best out of auditions, and naturalistic acting techniques to help you be ‘truthful’ and ‘in the moment’ are all things you’ll learn.

During the course, bespoke scenes will be written for you by a professional screenwriter. You will rehearse these scenes and be fully directed in them.


Then the final two days of the course will be dedicated to filming your scenes, giving you high quality showreel footage to share with agents and casting directors. 


This course is suitable for complete beginners to acting, as well as experienced performers looking to brush up their screen acting skills.

Screen School - 2 Day Intensive Courses

​This short course delves into tips and tricks enabling you to get a foot hold in the TV & film acting industry. You'll experience a wide range of actor training exercises which will help up your game and achieve award winning results on screen.


Over 2 days of practical exercises and on screen camera work, you’ll gain knowledge essential to work in front of a lens. A selection of the material short during the course will be made available for you own use afterwards.


This course is suitable for complete beginners to acting, as well as experienced performers looking to brush up their screen acting skills.

For course dates see below.

Screen School - Specialist Skills Courses

​Our 5 day specialist skills courses focus on additional skills required for acting careers in action based screen acting. 

We bring in experienced professionals to provide training in weapons handling or other niche skills areas.

The final two days of the course are dedicated to filming a short film that put all of the knowledge learned in to practice.


Check out our most recent production featuring 12 of our previous course attendees 'Echoes of the Fallen'.

Showreel Scene Production

Our showreel scene package includes:

 • 1 hour online scene rehearsal with a professional director and your scene partner.
• 1.5 hour showreel scene shoot in a great location.
• Edited file of your scene.

You will be issued with a professionally written scene and a pre-shoot Zoom rehearsal will be arranged at a time that suits you and your scene partner. If you don't have a partner to work with, we are happy to find one for you.

During the online rehearsal, you will discuss your character and rehearse your scene with your director and scene partner. You will spend the time making sure your scene is in excellent shape and ready for filming. You will explore some essential techniques to improve your screen acting skills.

On the day of filming, there will be some additional rehearsal time and then you will shoot your scene, using a multi-camera set up. That means two cameras filming at the same time.

You will need to arrive promptly, 30 mins before your call time, wearing your own costume/makeup and supply any required props (these will be kept to a minimum).

For course dates see below.


The year is 2066. What remains of the old kingdom is now a battleground with different factions fighting for control...'

'Echoes of the Fallen' is an action packed, post-apocalyptic, paranormal, war movie shot as part of an exciting 5 day Screen School weapons training course.


The film premiered at a glamorous screening at the Savoy cinema complex in Nottingham.

Echoes of the Fallen is now available to watch on YouTube! 
(Please note this film features adult content)
Want to get involved in our next production? Get in touch!

The scenes we produce for you during our courses are of the highest quality and are shot by a professional crew.


Many of our students have used them to attract the attention of agents and casting directors.


Watch previous Screen School scenes on our You Tube channel. 



"​Thanks again to all of you for making it one of the best weeks of my life!"



"I love team. Everyone is passionate, respectful and committed to helping you."



"​Thanks Tim Bryn Smith for the amazing work you put in"


  • Act 'Truthfully' and 'Be in The Moment' whilst on camera.

  • Develop your acting career and survive in the industry.

  • Learn script analysis techniques and get tips on learning lines.

  • Discover the importance of 'continuity' and 'set etiquette'.

  • Understand the importance of 'Reactions' & 'Business'.

  • Be directed in a scene to give an outstanding performance.

  • Film a high quality scene, that will look stunning on your actors showreel.

  • Perfect self taping for auditions.

  • Practice autocue techniques.


PREPARE THE MIND Set intentions for a positive experience and personal growth.

WORK ON SCREEN & STAGELearn what actors do differently, in acting for the screen as opposed to the stage.

LIVE ON CAMERAGet used to seeing yourself on screen.

FIND THE FRAME Explore how an actor's performance must adapt to the size of the frame.

LEVEL YOUR VOCALS -Practice how to vary our voice levels to nail naturalistic performances.

FIND YOUR TYPE -Delve into character type and examine the kinds of roles that are most likely to come your way.

FIND THE LIFEUnearth the secret to bringing and maintaining the natural energy of real life to a screen performance.

GET THE EYE LINELook at how eye lines impact screen acting.

MAGIC OF STAGING -Look how scenes are blocked and staged to create a cinematic aesthetic.

AUDITION FOR THE PROS -Gain some valuable practical audition experience.



"Thank you Tim for being such a fantastic teacher, director and inspiration"



"​Screen School is life changing



"I'm beaming just thinking about how good the week was."


Screen School - 2 Day Mini Course


Course Fee: £199

Screen School - 4 Day Crash Course

Tuesday 19th - Friday 22nd September 2023 9:30am - 4:30pm


Course Fees: From £475 

(Flexible payment options may be available on request).

Screen School - Showreel Scene Shoot (One scene up to 3 mins)



Fee: £245

If you would like to book a course or receive more information about Screen School, please send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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