Screen School is a 5 day crash course which explores the skills required for film and television acting. Through practical exercises and daily teaching sessions you’ll gain the screen acting knowledge needed to work in front of the camera. Script analysis, getting the best out of auditions, and naturalistic acting techniques to help you be ‘truthful’ and ‘in the moment’ are all things you’ll learn. 

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"Such an amazing week at Screen School. Full of great teaching, fun, joy and watching strong performances from everyone in their scenes. Thank you so much to Tim Bryn Smith for being such a fantastic teacher, director and inspiration to us all and for being such a strong, positive, supportive mentor too. We all thank you so very much for providing this wonderful, life changing experience to us, we truly appreciate it."

Andrew Henry - Screen School attendee in November 2020 & April 2021

During the course, bespoke scenes will be written for you by a professional screenwriter. You will rehearse these scenes and be fully directed in them. Then the final two days of the course will be dedicated to filming your scenes, giving you high quality showreel footage to share with agents and casting directors. 




This course is suitable for complete beginners to acting, as well as experienced performers looking to brush up their screen acting skills. 

Course Tutor: Tim Bryn Smith
Crew: A professional film crew will be on hand to shoot all showreel material.

Location: Awesome professional studio in Nottingham.

You will:

  • Learn how to act 'Truthfully' and 'Be in The Moment' whilst on camera.

  • Develop an understanding of the top naturalistic acting techniques.

  • Learn how to develop your acting career and survive in the industry.

  • Explore how to act 'Truthfully' and 'Be in The Moment' whilst on camera.

  • Discover the differences between screen and theatre acting.

  • Learn script analysis techniques and get tips on learning lines.

  • Discover the importance of 'continuity' and 'set etiquette'.

  • Understand the importance of 'Reactions' & 'Business'.

  • Explore audition technique and casting requirements.

  • Perfect self taping for auditions.

  • Practice autocue techniques.

  • Be directed in a scene to give an outstanding performance.

  • Film a high quality scene, that will look stunning on your actors showreel!


"It’s so beautiful to see people step out of their insecurities (me included) and blossom in the safe and secure environment Tim creates within Screen School. I know it may sound a bit cheesy but we all become a little family. It’s just a brilliant. I’m think I’m becoming addicted to Screen School!"

Denise Morton - Screen School attendee in November 2020 & April 2021




SUMMER 2021 | 28th June - 2nd July

AUTUMN 2021 | 20th - 24th Sept

Course Fee: £475

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