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Before you pay for a workshop or attend any of our classes, please read through our class guidelines and supporting code of conduct which apply to all of our courses, workshops, classes and events. Our intention is to provide the best environment in which students can learn.


By signing up and paying for one of our services or events, you are agreeing to these rules so please read them carefully.


We want our students to experience the positive, accepting and open environment that is The Actors Workshop Nottingham. Acting is about respecting your fellow actors, the craft, the instructors and the group as a whole. We ask that there is no consumption of alcohol or drugs before or during class.


You are expected to be open to the ideas of your fellow students. We have a zero tolerance of sexist, racist, homophobic, mental or physical abuse of classmates. Whilst we accept the characters we explore in classes might do things that aren’t considered socially acceptable, they must never be used as a veil for the abuse of others.


If you are abusive or disruptive, you will be asked to leave immediately. A safe and welcoming environment for students is our primary concern, as is creating an environment where our members can learn and develop their acting skills.


Our duty of care is to provide a safe space to work during the time you are 'in class'. However, if circumstances are brought to our attention that occur outside of class time, that are detrimental to our duty of care, we reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of our members.

The Actors Workshop reserve all rights to permanently exclude, without refund, anyone we feel is restricting the learning experience for the group as a whole.


You can expect to experience an engaging, challenging and fun environment at The Actors Workshop Nottingham and you have the right to experience a supportive atmosphere when you attend our classes. Acting is a group activity and we believe in living out an attitude of acceptance. Your instructor is there to create a safe space for you to learn, experiment and take creative risks.  Classes will challenge you and you will be encouraged to face those challenges alongside your fellow students.

In 11 years of providing professional actor training, we have worked with many different types of people and we strive to support our students to learn and develop their skills in the most appropriate way possible. Everyone is different and it takes time for our instructors to get to know each student and understand their needs, strengths and weaknesses. It also takes time to build the necessary trust in order to establish a creative relationship where students and instructors can be open and honest about the developmental needs of an individual. Students who have trained with us for a long time, benefit from our instructors having a close and personal understanding of their needs and once this working relationship has been attained, we often see great improvements in a students ability to perform.

We always try to be inclusive and accessible to all, but our classes do require certain levels of mental and physical, health and functionality. If we are unable to offer classes to suit you, we will always try to recommend alternatives where possible. We endeavour to continue to improve our service offering and feedback is always welcomed.


If you subscribe to one of our weekly workshops that run on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, the monthly fee is £54 and covers the cost of attending one class, on a regular day & time, throughout the year, except over Christmas and New Year.


Setting up your monthly bank standing order guarantees you a place at an assigned weekly class. We understand students may not be able to attend every week and as such our fees are priced fairly and competitively. We see it as being a bit like a gym membership, where the best results are often seen by regular and committed attendance.

Because we take time to plan and structure our workshops, if you can't make a workshop for any reason, we request you let us know by email. Should you wish to cancel your bank standing order at any time, we politely request you provide us with one month’s written notice.

Trial classes cost £15. If you attend a trial class and go on to continue attending classes during the same month, a fee of £54 will be due to cover that month, following which you will be expected to set up a monthly standing order as outlined above.

We run one-off and specialist classes that are priced individually, as outlined on our website and social media at the point of advertising.


Your fee is for your own attendance. You cannot bring guests to watch the class, unless prior agreement has been granted.


Demand for our workshops is high, spaces are limited and fees are non-refundable or transferable. If you are unable to attend a workshop, please notify us by emailing: - This will ensure our registers are up to date.



If you subscribe by monthly standing order to one of our in person weekly workshops that run on Monday and Tuesday evenings, you are expected to attend the same class at the same time each week. Transferring between in person classes is not allowed.


In the event of absence to one of our in person classes, members may instead attend one of our online classes, providing prior consent from AW staff is given.


If you attend weekly classes and wish to change groups at any time, for any reason, please make your request, outlining your reason, by email. We are always happy to discuss the group options available and we always try to find the right classes in order to help students further develop their skills. From time to time, we contact students to recommend groups based on availability and our assessment of the individuals needs.



The Actors Workshop Nottingham reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes if necessary and in such cases, renumeration is discretionary. We don’t often cancel classes but sometimes unexpected things happen. We aim to always hold classes as scheduled, even if there is extreme weather (eg. Snow). Should The Actors Workshop or our staff experience an unexpected event, personal tragedy or extenuating circumstance, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity. This is usually done through our private members forum on Facebook (which you will be invited to if you join us) or via email. In the unlikely event of your trainer being unavailable we will endeavour to have an alternative trainer take the class. If a class needs rescheduling we will try co-ordinate with the students concerned to find a time when the class can take place with the maximum number of students present.


We aim to create a creative, collaborative atmosphere where you can learn and grow as an actor.  Your engagement in this philosophy will help make our classes fun and run smoothly. The Actors Workshop Nottingham has full public liability insurance.


Thank you and best wishes from The Actors Workshop Team.

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